Make Lawn Healthier Than Ever

Hire us for lawn aerating services in Breaux Bridge and Lafayette, LA

Lawn aeration is the process of creating holes in the soil to help the grass grow healthier and greener. If you're searching far and wide for lawn aerating services in the Breaux Bridge or Lafayette, LA areas, turn to Acadiana Lawn Maintenance LLC. We'll use our heavy-duty lawn aerator tool to help air, water and nutrients reach your grassroots, making your lawn beautiful and lush.

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How to tell if your lawn needs to be aerated?

Aerating your lawn is an essential part of keeping your yard as healthy as possible. You should reach out to us for lawn aeration services if you're dealing with any of these issues:

  • Your lawn is full of thinner grass
  • Your lawn has inadequate water drainage
  • Your lawn has dry soil
  • Your lawn is discolored

Don't put off the lawn aeration project you need. Reach out to us today at 337-349-0694.